E-Cash privacy policy

E-Cash privacy policy

Your privacy policy

If you use our Android software, then we will take it from you because of your device’s

IMEI number, because of the referral program system, which is basically we will take it,

but we will not take it for any bad purpose, I will not keep it secret as it is to us

Then we’ll take your mobile number, because the application can not access,

then first of all you will need to register and log in to a mobile number payojana the mobile number with the need to

log in so your mobile number with us to save that which we publish will not ,

Or it will not be given to anyone but only with us

Once you register on Android software,

you can not register. Because your device’s IMEI number will be stored in our database,

you will not be able to register again. You do not have to login for it. When you enter the application,

you will automatically be taken to the application home page




We use / bKash/Rocket/  but we are not affiliated with them in any way.

Our Application complies with US copyright law concerning “Fair Use”.

If you judge

there is a copyright violation, please feel free to contact with us. Email :-bdearningc@gmail.com


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